Professional development combined with legal writing guidance,designed exclusively for high performance paralegals and paralegal students

Professional development combined with legal writing guidance,
designed exclusively for high performance paralegals and paralegal students
Jackie Van Dyke


Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, preparing to take one of the national certification examinations, or wanting to uplevel your legal tool kit and develop your writing skill set, my courses have been created to literally get paralegals looking good on paper.
I’m Jackie aka The Paralegal Writer. I’m a lecturer, graduate professor, published writer, course content creator, and successful entrepreneur. But, most importantly, I’m a paralegal just like you and this is my difference: combining extensive expertise with personal experience. I understand exactly what you’re going through because I’ve walked the same path myself and I’m not just here to tell the tale, I’m here to teach it…

The Paralegal Writer courses.

Improve your writing, increase your chances of promotion and communicate concisely and effectively…


Wanting to uplevel your memo-writing skills?

Learn how to identify the Issue to be analyzed and outline the Rule(s) that answers the Issues.

Use case law and statutes to draft an effective Analysis that results in a persuasive and strong Conclusion.

Mastering Legal Research Using Lexis+®

You know the importance of utilizing legal technology.

Lexis+® is the most advanced research system available.Be prepared to use it in your career.


Master Memo Writing

Identify multiple Issues.

Draft a memo with several elements to the Rule.

Write a persuasive and strongly supported legal Analysis.


Perfecting Grammar and Punctuation for Powerful Legal Writing

Wanting to Up Skill your writing whether Briefs, e_Mails, or Memoranda?

This self-paced course is for you!


Citations Made Simple Using The Bluebook