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Why Write?

I find writing to be fun. Well, early on, maybe it was the challenge of subject – verb agreement, the use of adverbs, and recognizing proper nouns that I found to be fun. Nerdy, I know!

The importance of writing became evident when I enrolled in a rigorous litigation certificate program for paralegals. I discovered words are powerful. Written communication can be influential. A legal case may be won by the words on the page.

I subsequently pursued my master’s degree and became a professor. Once again, I found writing to be one of my favorite courses. I am constantly attracted to the challenge of writing effectively and am reminded that proper writing is ethical. We have an obligation to ourselves and our readers to write the “right” thing.

Whether writing a legal memorandum, tackling a brief, or facing the long and ardent journey to finish a compelling argument, good writing is critical.

Why waste valuable time and pages on ineffective writing. Make your voice heard and your opinions known by implementing a strategic plan to your writing.

Good grammar, proper punctuation, and correct sentence structure are all components of effective writing. Punctuation marks are to documents as traffic signs and signals are to roadways. Punctuation provides clarity. Punctuation provides pause, creating style and often allowing the reader to stop and think about your message.The sequence of writing in active voice is key to sharing your message profoundly.

When proofreading your first draft, eliminate “filler” words. Place adjectives and adverbs close to the words they are modifying. Avoid contractions in formal writing. Use exclamation marks sparingly. Remember to cite all facts or ideas that are not your own.

So much to master, to learn, and to share about writing! That is what we will do here and in my Facebook Group, Paralegals Write, found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/paralegalswrite.

I would love to hear from you. What writing challenges do you face? Is there a specific grammar, punctuation, or other writing topic you want addressed? Perhaps you struggle with legal citations? Maybe it’s sentence structure and wordiness that you fight when you write? Your feedback will help develop this site; I am here for you.

Until next time, Happy Writing,


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